Out on the deck like I'm wildin' for respect
It's a three-peat, see-see
Bitch, you in the D-League
Boy, you f**ked up
Can't come around here, this shit is gated
We made it, happy belated, I see the rage hit

It's better if I try not to talk about the shit that's always on my mind
Money on my mind (That's right), couple hunnids at a time
Try to f**k me blind, duckin' down, hear me whine (Ooh)
We outside now (That's right), milk carton in the back
We don't like to f**k around with them niggas in the back
Pullin' triggers in the 'Lac (That's right)
May the praise stay bad
Ayy, Dad, Hercules want his f**kin' waves back, stay strapped (Ooh, I like that, that's right)
Dancin' like a bad bitch, love on top my mattress
Hope the good Lord catch this, I ain't tellin' backwards
Lie just like an actor, Hollywood is batshit
Mama in the South still, gold all in my mouth still
Rappin' 'bout dick still, and I lease a house still
Move my nigga out, still need my nephew out here
God gave me a good deal
Miss my little niggas down low like a big wheel
Bitch, I wanna hit still
This shit for my partna 'nem, Devil keep on robbin' them
Express and feel myself, like I'm f**kin' Dennis Rodman (That's right)

Like I'm Dennis Rodman
Diamond dentures for my partna 'dem (That's right)
Golden rubbers from my pocket, friend
Ain't no answer, that's my partna 'dem (That's right)
She so bad, I let her touch my butt (Yeah)
Merlyn, what the f**k?

Line 'em-line 'em-line 'em up, you know that I'm shootin' (That's right)
It ain't no one business who or what we doin’ (That's right)
Hit this gas, they break the glass and keep it movin’
To you basic bitches I know I'm a nuisance

Sugar, yeah, gimme some
Gimme dome, I'ma smoke some
Y'all ain't want the smoke, been smokin'
Garden gnome shrooms, y'all, who is y'all?
This what it mean to ball?
Okay, Chateau Marmont, Shangri-La
Valet park it, drive a shit whip
But I ain't broke, bitch
Write my own shit, hit my own switch
Watched the clock tick, never ran and hid
Tell it like it is
Dead on the nail, call me hammerhead
Texas 'til I'm dead
BBQ and cornbread, like 'em corn fed
Here we go again, hit 'em one mo' 'gain
Screwed up from The Woodlands
Number six, been through Hell, think I'm Heaven-sent
Ask the preacher man, said I need Jesus, like I ain't know
Guess I found him, I am blessed, man
Rake in dividends, let the money stack, see you copycats
I ain't trippin', but copy that
It's a wrap, keep my distance
Where's Waldo, but we winnin'
Me and my dogs ain't finished (That's right)
The real know, what's a billfold?
You can't fold, I stay grinnin'
No peekin'

Go ahead and try harder
You ain't gotta ask to put up with nobody
You oughta be ashamed of yourselves
Get on your damn knees
And pray sometimes with your muhf**kin' ass
You oughta be ashamed of yourselves
Get yo' muhf**kin' ass on out there
That's all you gon' be, a muhf**ker
You oughta be ashamed of yourselves

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S-s-send 'em out the door
They ain't knockin' no more
Send 'em-send 'em out the door
They ain't knockin' no more
Send 'em-send 'em out the door
They ain't knockin' no more
They ain't knockin' no more
They ain't-they ain't knockin' no more
S-s-s-s-send 'em out the door
They ain't knockin' no more
Send 'em-send 'em out the door
They ain't knockin' no more
Send 'em-send 'em out the door
They ain't knockin' no more
They-they-they ain't knockin' no more
They ain't-they ain't knockin' no more
(That's right)


  • I Been Born Again - BROCKHAMPTON

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"I BEEN BORN AGAIN" is a Hip Hop, Rap song by Alternative Hip Hop, Alternative R&B, Hip Hop, Pop Rap band "BROCKHAMPTON" from the studio album GINGER . "I BEEN BORN AGAIN" (3:39) song was released in July 31, 2019 and copyright (P) 2019 Question Everything, Inc. under exclusive license to RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.. This song is written by Romil Hemnani, Jabari Manwa, Henock Sileshi, ​bearface, Dom McLennon, Matt Champion, Joba, Merlyn Wood, Kevin Abstract and is produced by Romil Hemnani, Jabari Manwa.

The song I BEEN BORN AGAIN is available in Digital Mp3 Download and Streaming formats on music online shopping store Apple Music/iTunes & Amazon Music.